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Noboribetsu Spa Hotel Mahoroba

Mahoroba's 31 tubs brim with hot spring water of various kinds, drawn from the famous Jigoku-dani in Noboribetsu Spa. They provide the utmost relaxation.
Other facilities also make your stay pleasant. Unwind and enjoy Mahoroba.

Main baths

The open-air baths, on floors B1 and B2, provide fine views of Noboribetsu's natural splendor in every season. The 31 tubs in the indoor bath include whirlpool baths; a utase-yu, where hot spring water massages you as it falls; and a hinoki-buro, a cypress tub. Our main baths are spacious even by the standards of Noboribetsu. Every night, the men's baths becomes the women's baths and vice versa, so that our guests can try every tub.

Guest rooms

Relax in any of Mahoroba's guest rooms. They include Japanese-style rooms with straw tatami mats and futons, Western-style rooms with beds, and hybrid Japanese/Western-style rooms with beds.
Each room is equipped with Japanese tea sets. Try a cup of tea as a memory of your trip to Japan.
Japanese-style room
Western-style room


Enjoy our dinner buffet, a selection of seasonal Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes. Some are prepared by chefs in view of the guests.
Guests can choose to have dinner served in their rooms. Artfully decorated dishes made from popular Hokkaido ingredients await you.
Dinner in guest rooms

Other facilities and services

Relax at our nightclub, where karaoke is available, or in the beauty salon.
Look for Hokkaido souvenirs at our gift shop.
  • Large, medium, and small banquet rooms
  • Restaurants (2)
  • Bar with karaoke room
  • Evening cafe
  • Conference room
  • Video game arcade
  • Shops
  • Event hall
  • Massage
  • Beauty salon
Large banquet room

Beauty salon (aesthetic service)

Credit cards

We accept these cards:
VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diner's Club, UC, DC, NICOS, UFJ, Saison, JACCS

Access from within Hokkaido


Free shuttle bus between Sapporo and Mahoroba (85 min.)

For overnight guests only. Reservation required.

JR trains to JR Noboribetsu Sta.

[From JR Shin-Chitose Sta.]
Take a train from JR Shin-Chitose Sta. one stop to JR Minami-Chitose Sta. Transfer to a train bound for Muroran or Hakodate, and get of at JR Noboribetsu Sta. (45 min. by limited express).

[From JR Sapporo Sta.]
Take a train bound for Muroran or Hakodate. Get of at JR Noboribetsu Sta. (70 min. by limited express)

From JR Noboribetsu Sta. to Mahoroba

10 min. ride. Approx. 2,000 yen

Take a bus bound for "Noboribetsu Onsen" and get off at "Noboribetsu Chuo" bus stop. 13 min. 330 yen o/w.

Ask for the most convenient access from the airport or station where you will be arriving.
Enter your transportation on which you will be arriving, and submit.

List of Plans / Room Availability

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